Talkatone Texting Issue

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Support for Google Voice ended May 15, 2014. This means that talkatone now uses it’s own servers rather than relying on Google.

UPDATE: It could be due to better multitasking on different mobile operating systems, but this issue has been largely resolved and for the most part texting is fairly responsive.


I’ve been very happy with using talkatone over vtok. The biggest drawback to Talkatone has been the poor handling of text messaging. I’m able to get all text messages but most times I have to refresh the message screen in order to get new ones. It’s an odd issue because calls come in 100% of the time (unless the app is a 4+ back on the multitasking list). If anyone has had any success with the issue I’d love to hear about a fix!

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  1. Hey Derek-

    I use Line2 and Talkatone. Youre the first person Ive heard mention the issue of an app being a certain number of slots back in the multitasking list… missed incoming calls has been my biggest problem with VoIP apps. Do you know if theres any way to prioritize those apps so they dont drop too far back and miss incoming calls?

  2. Yeah Jed, an app goes to the top of the multitasking list each time you open it. I keep talkatone in the top 4 and seem to get 9/10 calls. I havent read anything about an app getting preference by being closest to the top of the multitask list, but it seemed to be the case so I make an effort to keep it there. Line2 looks interesting. Do the texts come through better with it? Talkatone seems to only check every 2 hours for new txt messages.

  3. Hello Derek!
    Your website has been helpful in giving me the required information I was looking for. Thank you! As Jed says, even I face the same issue of missing the incoming calls, along with the text issue.

    Could you please elaborate on what you mean by “I keep talkatone in the top 4 and seem to get 9/10 calls?”

    Or please explain me on how to resolve the issue!!


  4. Sorry for the late reply! What I mean by keeping it in the top 5 is when you look at your multitask bar by double clicking the home button you get a list of apps that are running in the background. They are listed by the order they were last opened and I had thought the ones that had been opened more recently got more updates in the background than ones further back.

    Now I know that talkatone has server settings you can adjust to enhance how often it checks in with the server. It drains your battery a little more, but it’s worth it if it’s important to get text messages. I’ve also used the talkatone app for android app and it performs much better than iOS when it comes to reliability in getting calls and text messages.

  5. I have used talkatone for AWHILE mostly for texting. Well all of a sudden all my old texts r gone n I really really needed those so if anyone can help I’d sure appreciate it!

  6. i have a problem with sending txt every time i send one it just loads and it never sends pls help

  7. Hey Was wondering, I just setup this app, and everything works except recieving texts, I’m running the X86 Android on my Laptop, I dont think this would be a reason not to recieve trext, Basically Im just settimng up the Android X86 to be able to send and recive texts and calls on my Laptop, Any Ideas as why I cant recieve texts on the X86 Side of Laptop..



  8. I have the same problem as Kyle. I know I am connected to the Internet, everything else works. The app even shows that it’s connected as well. But all of a sudden it won’t send or receive any messages. I’ve tried refreshing the app restarting my device. Nothing works. Please help!

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