iPage Vs Webfaction

Webfaction PricesIn college I was asked to you GoDaddy. Then I was excited to try iPage at a lower cost and slightly higher performance. Luckily by the time my 2 years at $3.50/mo with iPage were up and the price was getting upped to $7.99/mo I had learned how to migrate websites to new servers. The servers I chose were Webfaction servers.

The cost is actually lower than iPage after the iPage’s introductory period. If you pay 5 years up front the cost is as low as $5.50/mo. Lower than iPage with just a 2 Year commitment. Read the rest of this entry »

Office season 9 episode 2

An example of how NBC now lets you embed content into your webpage, or in this case mine:

It’s done using a simple iframe…a technique that youtube uses as well to embed video. An element that’s been around for a long time but allows embed codes to be very simple.

Drupal Core Files in sites/all/modules (fix)

It’s probably happened to more people than that would admit it. You put the drupal core modules that belong in the Modules folder at the root of a drupal install into sites/all/modules. Once the core modules are in sites/all/modules that’s the only place where drupal recognizes them.

Even worse, the database sees the files there and so if you remove them from sites/all/modules the website will break.

Here’s the proper procedure to move the core files back to where they belong and out of sites/all/modules: Read the rest of this entry »

AR Drone 2.0 Review

I’ve had the AR Drone 2.0 for about a month now. It started out with a lot of excitement which was quickly crushed with a broken crossbar and two motors failing. Luckily with a little creativity I was able to fix the crossbar and since I got the drone for around $50 cheaper it wasn’t as hard to part with the cash for motors.

The crossbar issue could have been avoided if I didn’t fly the drone into the wall and crash from 5 or 6 feet up… here’s how that went down:

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iOS Apps Keep Crashing

If you’re apps keep crashing on your iPhone or iPad it’s a fairly easy fix. Have you ever been told to restart your computer when you’re having issues? It’s the same idea with apps. Apple changed it’s operating system a year or two ago to allow you to multitask and keep apps in the RAM.

iOS apps keep Crashing

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Apple TV 3 Review

If you’re considering an Apple TV, here’s the good the bad and the ugly of what you can expect from a current generation apple TV.

apple tv

The Good


I purchased the Apple TV so that I could stream content from my iPad onto my TV. I decided to go with the Apple TV after owning the iPad>HDMI cable for roughly 6 months. The downside of the iPad to HDMI adapter was that it was a $40 cable. Expensive for a 6″ cable and brought along all the negatives that apple cables are famous for. In the end my son was able to destroy it in a matter of moments.

So after wasting $40 the $99 for a device that sits safely at the top of my TV was a no brainier, which brings me to the next plus: Size Read the rest of this entry »

Magic Trackpad Review

I love the Magic Trackpad with all of it’s cool gestures but wasn’t excited about the $69 price tag. So I tried some apps to turn iOS devices into a trackpad. I learned those apps weren’t a real solution.Magic Trackpad

I’ve been dealing with a slight bit of carpal tunnel and figured if the trackpad would help with that situation it would be worth the $69. A week later I haven’t seen much relief, but it’s been very nice to use my left hand to do things when my right hand begins to ache. It seems much easier to be ambidextrous with the trackpad than it is with a mouse. Read the rest of this entry »

Save Hardrive Space by Removing Mail

mail on hard driveHard drive space getting tight? You may not be aware that you are storing large quantities of mail on your hard drive. I found out that I was using 12 GB of space for the sake of offline viewing which virtually never happens. If you’d like to reclaim that space you can go to mail preferences then to accounts and select “Don’t keep copies of any messages” under “Keep copies of messages for offline viewing”. You may choose to take a more conservative approach and select one of the other options. I ended up opting for the option of keeping all the messages but not keeping the attachments. That cut the footprint in half.

Drupal Module Path Check

Ever upload new modules to Drupal but you don’t see the new module files taking effect? Chances are that you have more than one of the same module. You can check to see what the path is for a specific module using the pattern below and inserting it into a page.tpl.php or node.tpl.php file:

<?php print drupal_get_path(‘module’, ‘views’); ?> Read the rest of this entry »

Mouse Lite iOS App Review

iOS mouse

App Problem

The Keyboard covers the splash screen so you can't use the program if you accidentally exit.

I was wanting to find an app that could turn my iPod into a trackpad as the magic track pad goes for $68. Apps that turn your iOS device into a trackpad are much cheaper, starting free and topping out around $5.

In the end I found that while it’s cool to use your iPhone or iPod as a mouse, the screen size and iOS features limit the trackpad functionality and an iOS device can’t be used as a replacement for the magic trackpad. Read the rest of this entry »