Not to long ago I did a review on Godaddy vs. iPage hosting. The meat of my review was that Godaddy had horrible hosting that would cause anyone to bounce. I didn’t even want to wait to have my pages load. While iPage isn’t the best hosting provider out there they are much much better for a reasonable price.

Well one thing that GoDaddy does to well is there domain registration. And if you have a coupon code it is actually a great deal, even cheaper than what 1&1 offers, plus you can register the domains for longer than a year which does good things for your search rankings. The coupon code I used why I got the domain was cjc749chp which got the price of 7.49. Hard to beat that. It might have been another $2 over the 5 years for fees, but for once I was satisfied with Godaddy.

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