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Website Launch Checklist

The First step is to make sure pages are accounted for and add redirects as needed. In this case I google site:edgecappartners.com and it shows me all the pages that have been indexed. There’s about 400 something pages indexed when you first run the search. You have to skip to the end of the search […]

Coding Setup on a Mac

Currently on my mac I’m using MAMP to run the server, Sass to compile my code, browsersync to refresh the browser automatically & Textmate as an editor. Best coding setup on a Mac yet!

Image Solution for Retina and Non Retina Displays

It’s become more and more important to provide support for retina displays as they become more widely available. In order to do this I’ve been inserting images that are 2x the size they need to be in order to get the higher pixel density and then scaling the images in the code to look correct. […]

Drupal Force Password Reset

It’s becoming more and more frequent that sites are asking / forcing users to reset their passwords. The most recent example is the Heartbleed OpenSSL security threat. If you manage a Drupal website having people reset their password can be easy with the Password Policy Module. After turning the module on you can navigate to […]

Macbook Air Case Review

There’s not much to a Macbook air, but somehow there is a lot to love. I was thinking about how I could do a review on the Air, but you could find those anywhere. When people see the air, I get compliments on the case that holds it just as much as I do on […]

Forty Eight Drupal 7 Modules

Drupal is an incredibly powerful and flexible opensource CMS. Much like there’s always “an app for that” there is also always a module for that when it comes to extending Drupal. The more I work with it the more cool & helpful extensions I find. Here are some solid ones that I’d recommend to extend […]

iPage Vs Webfaction

In college I was asked to you GoDaddy. Then I was excited to try iPage at a lower cost and slightly higher performance. Luckily by the time my 2 years at $3.50/mo with iPage were up and the price was getting upped to $7.99/mo I had learned how to migrate websites to new servers. The […]

Office season 9 episode 2

An example of how NBC now lets you embed content into your webpage, or in this case mine: It’s done using a simple iframe…a technique that youtube uses as well to embed video. An element that’s been around for a long time but allows embed codes to be very simple.

Drupal Core Files in sites/all/modules (fix)

It’s probably happened to more people than that would admit it. You put the drupal core modules that belong in the Modules folder at the root of a drupal install into sites/all/modules. Once the core modules are in sites/all/modules that’s the only place where drupal recognizes them. Even worse, the database sees the files there […]

Save Hardrive Space by Removing Mail

Hard drive space getting tight? You may not be aware that you are storing large quantities of mail on your hard drive. I found out that I was using 12 GB of space for the sake of offline viewing which virtually never happens. If you’d like to reclaim that space you can go to mail […]