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Talkatone Won’t Make or Receive calls (fix)

The Background I’ve used Talkatone to make free calls for years now. I liked it so much that I forwarded my normal number to Google voice and use it for all of my personal calls. So we decided it would also be good for my wife to use talkatone and Google voice in lieu of […]

Pebble Watch Review

The computer I strap to my wrist I’ve had the pebble smart watch for about three months now, it’s probably the electronic device I’ve been most excited about since the iPod touch/iPhone was first released, it’s a game changer. So what it does is real simple. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with your watch. So […]

5 Best Gifts You Probably Haven’t Heard of.

Last year I started a tradition of publishing what I found to be the 5 best gift ideas of the year. So without further adue, here’s a years worth of research of the best gifts out there.   1) Pebble Watch Pebble is a smartwatch that integrates with your iOS or Android smartphone. It’s so […]

AR Drone 2.0 Review

I’ve had the AR Drone 2.0 for about a month now. It started out with a lot of excitement which was quickly crushed with a broken crossbar and two motors failing. Luckily with a little creativity I was able to fix the crossbar and since I got the drone for around $50 cheaper it wasn’t […]

iOS Apps Keep Crashing

If you’re apps keep crashing on your iPhone or iPad it’s a fairly easy fix. Have you ever been told to restart your computer when you’re having issues? It’s the same idea with apps. Apple changed it’s operating system a year or two ago to allow you to multitask and keep apps in the RAM.

Apple TV 3 Review

If you’re considering an Apple TV, here’s the good the bad and the ugly of what you can expect from a current generation apple TV. The Good Price I purchased the Apple TV so that I could stream content from my iPad onto my TV. I decided to go with the Apple TV after owning […]

Magic Trackpad Review

I love the Magic Trackpad with all of it’s cool gestures but wasn’t excited about the $69 price tag. So I tried some apps to turn iOS devices into a trackpad. I learned those apps weren’t a real solution. I’ve been dealing with a slight bit of carpal tunnel and figured if the trackpad would […]

Mouse Lite iOS App Review

I was wanting to find an app that could turn my iPod into a trackpad as the magic track pad goes for $68. Apps that turn your iOS device into a trackpad are much cheaper, starting free and topping out around $5. In the end I found that while it’s cool to use your iPhone […]

Firefox Keeps Crashing (Fix)

Your productivity drops dramatically when Firefox keeps crashing so I was determined to find a fix. UPDATE: In my case the problem was firebug. When a update for firebug came out my problem was fixed. I still recommend taking a look at your profile if your Firefox install keeps crashing even after reinstalling as everything […]

Talkatone Texting Issue

ADDITIONAL UPDATE: Support for Google Voice ended May 15, 2014. This means that talkatone now uses it’s own servers rather than relying on Google. UPDATE: It could be due to better multitasking on different mobile operating systems, but this issue has been largely resolved and for the most part texting is fairly responsive.   I’ve […]