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iPage Vs Webfaction

In college I was asked to you GoDaddy. Then I was excited to try iPage at a lower cost and slightly higher performance. Luckily by the time my 2 years at $3.50/mo with iPage were up and the price was getting upped to $7.99/mo I had learned how to migrate websites to new servers. The […]

In-Stream Ad Performance

A couple weeks ago I started using In-Stream ads… I was excited about the results from In-Stream ads. My experience took a more interesting twist in January and I’m curious to see if anyone else trying out In-Stream ads has had the same experience. UPDATE: This article was about my experiences with the ups and […]

TrueView in-stream Ads

You’ve seen them before! Have you ever watched a YouTube video and had an ad play before the video started? YouTube is now extending this ad feature to publishers!

Making Money On YouTube Videos

I’ve been using adsense for over a year now. Mostly to justify hobbies. When I was sent an invitation to participate in Adsense for YouTube I was excited and the prospect of, well, making more money! Specifically making money off of YouTube videos. Now that I’ve tried the program for a couple months most of […]

WordPress + iPad 2

There is no better way to write blog on the the go than by using the WordPress app for the iPad. The new version of the iPad app released today works perfectly for the iPad 2. It allows you to easily add images and video to your posts (like the one’s I’ve included). It’s missing […]

Successful Adsense Techniques

10,000 Adsense Impressions 1 Year Later I started doing Adsense advertising on my sites a year ago. I was pretty excited about the first 12 cents I made in a day and even more excited after my first 10,000 adsense impressions where I found that the advertising would make enough money to cover my hosting […]

Adsense: The First 10,000 Page Impressions

What I’ve learned from Ad Sense I’m a newbie to Ad Sense, the Google ad network, so I thought I’d share my story of how my first 10,000 page impressions went. I’m not one of those work from home mothers that made $6,000, last month from blogging- just a web designer that wanted to make […]