What I’ve learned from Ad Sense

adsense sitesI’m a newbie to Ad Sense, the Google ad network, so I thought I’d share my story of how my first 10,000 page impressions went. I’m not one of those work from home mothers that made $6,000, last month from blogging- just a web designer that wanted to make some hobby websites in his spare time and get back some of the cost using Google ads (Ad Sense).

Slow and Steady

Slow SteadyTo get to the 10,000 Ad Sense impressions I’ve been buying about 2 domains every quarter, starting slow- I know. The sites were hosted from a few different IP’s so that when they interlinked they’d have a little more juice- they would be unique. Adding content slowly I’ve gotten to 10,000 impressions in about 8 months, here’s what I’ve learned in that time.

A Few Good Links

Links instantly get you traffic coming to your website. Social media links on twitter or Facebook especially get you a lot of traffic if you have a lot of friends, but the links won’t only get you traffic through the link you place and the links that others re-tweet or repost, but if you can get a few good links on reputable sites it will also boost your rankings in the search engines, resulting in more visitors and better Ad Sense performance.

Quality Sites Win

Just eight months into my Ad Sense experience this lesson wasn’t learned so much from the hobby sites I’ve created but by comparing them to professional sites I’ve participated in. Visitors aren’t going to stick around when all they see is that your site just offers a few recent posts and looks like a lot of other sites they’ve stumbled upon. Doing websites with Ad Sense isn’t a quick way to get cash if you’re going to be ethical. It means creating quality good looking sites, with meaningful content.

Just Have Some Content!

under costructionYou’d be amazed how you can start ranking for the most random things if you just have some content on your pages, so don’t be afraid, just get writing, knowing that the website, including the writing, is going to improve as you go along. No one is going to penalize you for not having frills, it’s a whole lot better than an under construction icon.

What I’ve started

RC Cars and Trucks

Brushless Car

Rexburg Townhomes

Rock Creek Townhomes

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  1. Tim says:

    Nice sites. Just a heads up, you need an about, contact, and PRIVACY page on every site that displays google ads. You will get wacked by G for not including a privacy page.

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